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Size and Usage of CaCo3 Powder2016-09-29 08:12:32

Now, please check below explanation about the different size CaCo3 powder and usage:


1.Less than 200mesh: calcite over 55.6%, no toxic, and can be used fodder, such as chicken feed.


2.250~325mesh, can be used the raw material of rubber and plastic, water-proof painting materials,also they can be used in wall-painting. Whiteness is over 85%.


3.300~400mesh, can be used in construction board, tubes, chemicals. Whiteness is over 93%.


CaCo3 powder grinding mill


4.400~600mesh, can be used Tooth-paste, soap. Whiteness is over 94%.


5.800mesh, used in rubber, plastic, cables as the filling agent. For PVC, the whiteness is over 94%.


6.1250mesh, PVC, PE, painting oil, painting material, paper making, and whiteness is over 95%.


7.1250~2500mesh, highest quality, can be used in all industries above. Usually used in high price painting, medical industry.


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