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Advantages of Limestone Hammer Mill Compared with other Mills2016-10-26 08:34:01

Asphalt concrete is a mixture of mineral aggregate, gravel or crushed gravel, stone chips or sand, ore powder with a certain gradation composition. Its strength is mainly in two aspects: One is the binding force of asphalt and slag cement; the other is the internal friction and and the locking force between the aggregate particles.


After grinded by Limestone Mill, it can be used in concrete making. And it has become the hot spots and trends of the concrete industry in the future. The results show that the infiltration of limestone powder into the concrete has the effect of improving the concrete structure, enhancing the workability of concrete and improving the resistance to sulfate attack of concrete at low temperature. In common, 180-200mesh limestone powder is used for producing bituminous mixture to improve the adhesion of asphalt and aggregate.


Limestone Hammer Mill


This kind of Limestone powder can be produced by Limestone coarse hammer mill of Shanghai Clirik, it has advantages oflow noise, small footprint, high yield, cost-effective. Hammer Mill of us is vertical structure, grinding ring and grinding roller are not in direct contact, so the machine vibration is small, and has low noise. Its stand-alone processing capacity is up to 50t/h, in the same power, the output is 20% higher than the traditional Raymond Mill, 30% higher than the ball mill. In the same yeild, the amount of investment is only one-half of the ball mill, covers an area of only about one-third of 4R Raymond Mill. So it has features of low costs of Plant's infrastructure, fast recovery of funds.


Shanghai Clirik has a technical services team with hundreds of senior engineers, we can provide customers with detailed project design plan, provide the best equipment selection configuration, equipment list and project cost, design on-site basis drawings, and in accordance with the special requirements of customers we can design special processes. For more information, please contact our online customer service.

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