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Mine Construction Promotes the Development of Large Grinding Mill Industry2016-11-02 08:39:02

In the environment of economic development, the demand for energy is more urgent than ever, and the climax of mine construction and "hot" milling equipment market caused by these requirements, is also particularly noticeable.


Emission of China's greenhouse gas is decreased by 60%, in which sulfur dioxide in power plants, steel mills and other coal-fired industries play a key constraint. Grinding Mill is an important equipment in production of industrial raw material and energy. Its efficiency will become an important part of saving resources and energy. Today's mining grinding mill industry has left the stage of extensive development relying on the low labor force and sacrificing environment. Conform to the international trend of low-carbon economy, the rapid development of the market of industrial milling industry, and increasing requirements of state to resource utilization, energy saving, environmental protection, reduce consumption, will usher in the spring of development.


Grinding Mill


According to the hardness of the processed material and the fineness and output of the discharged material, Grinding Mill of Shanghai Clirik can be devided into HGM superfine grinding mill, YGM Raymond mill, hammer mill, vertical mill, and ball mill, PE jaw crusher, and complete grinding equipment.


Uphold concept of development of the innovative and scientific, Shanghai Clirik introduces modern science and management technology, ans is in close cooperation with many universities and research institutions to come with the times. After years of research, wehas successfully developed a large number of crushing, milling equipments with advanced technology. Equipments canbe used for grinding, crushing and screening of limestone in power and iron and steel enterprises. Clirik will also go into the international new areas, becoming a beautiful landscape in the world's mining machinery industry.

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