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Limestone Grinding Mill Produces Whiting Powder for Making Paints2017-01-11 08:23:13

Limestone in China is widely distributed, abundant reserves, is a versatile and valuable resource. It is usually used as building materials, but also an important raw material for many industries. Especially as the filler for plastics, coatings and other production processes. And as casting sand used in machinery manufacturing. Limestone common processing technology is the use of special milling machine to crush it into powder, direct crushing to limestone can obtain by heavy calcium carbonate, and according to the different crushing fineness, it is divided into four different specifications in the industry: solo, Flying, three fly, four fly, respectively, for the industrial sector. 


Limestone Grinding Mill


At present, Limestone Grinding Mill launched by domestic manufacturers is developed from traditional Raymond Mill, specifically for the deep processing of limestone production. 


This series of milling machine is with a more mature milling process design, can be very suitable for processing of limestone production. There is also a new type of limestone mill called ultra-fine grinding mill, model HGM, the finest particle size is up to 3000mesh. 


As the main component of the coating, limestone powder plays an important role. To produce high-quality coatings, it is necessary to use high-quality limestone grinding mill, and strictly control the entire production process. If you need limestone mill to produce raw materials for coatings, please contact Shanghai Clirik. 


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