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Limestone Micro Grinding Mill and Limestone Raymond Mill2017-01-19 08:15:47

In fact, Limestone Micro Grinding Mill is a kind of grinding equipment which is actually modified from Limestone Raymond mill. Its name is also relative to the ordinary Raymond Mill. Limestone Micro Grinding Mill with energy efficient owns technical improvements than Limestone Raymond Mill, so what are the differences between Limestone Micro Grinding Mill and Limestone Raymond Mill?


In addition to limestone, Micro Powder Grinding Mill can be applied to materials with hardness below 9, humidity below 6%, and fineness is in the 325-3000mesh. In the same material and finished product size, the life of wearing parts is higher than other mining machinery. So in the use, it is praised by most clients.

Limestone Micro Grinding Mill


Grinding process of Limestone Micro Grinding Mill: First of all, by the feeder material is conveyed into the host, grinding process is going on in its internal grinding device. The material between the grinding roller and the grinding ring is crushed, and the qualified materials are flowed through the wind direction of the lower channel, and the finished product is sorted out after passing the analysis machine. If 400mesh of material is standard, that is, the material with four hundred mesh and above is qualified, material with the size following fell to the mill for grinding again to achieve sufficient grinding material. Qualified materials by the analysis machine into the powder from the pipeline. In accordance with the needs, suitable materials are collected by the dust collector, and unsuitable dust is collected in the dust collector. This new Limestone Micro Grinding Mill uses negative pressure system, that is below atmospheric pressure. Some users worry that whether there is powder out from the inlet area, generally there is no the case. Unless the mill system is not tightly closed, resulting in negative pressure to positive pressure system of Limestone Micro Grinding Mill, there will be dusting phenomenon. So users must check whether it's closed. This is one point in differences between Limestone Micro Grinding Mill and Limestone Raymond Mill.

Limestone Raymond mill


Different types of mill, the difference is generally in fineness, yield, principles and structure. If you have any question about the difference between the Limestone Micro Grinding Mill and the Limestone Raymond Mill, please contact us and the Technician staff will contact you within 12 hours. 

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